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African name meaning Queen. Female who is a born leader, a nurturer and the equal of Kings. Thema leads by example and is humble but strong!
"she is the Thema of the klan"
by Queen of kings May 12, 2012
Playing Kings is the best way to get really drunk.
A large bowl - The King Cup - is placed in the centre of the table. All 52 cards in a circle around it. Get your friends round the table. Take turns picking one card at a time. Each card means something.

A - Waterfall. Person who pulled the card drinks. Everyone else must kept drinking until the person before them stops. Basically, if you're last, you're fucked.
2 - You. Pick someone to drink.
3 - Me. Drink
4 - Whore's. Ladies drink.
5 - Nose. Everyone puts their finger on their nose, last one to do so, drinks.
6 - Dicks. Got a penis? Drink.
7 - Deal 7. The person who pulled the card can: a) pick x7 people to take a drink. B) Make one person drink x7.
8 - Mate. Drink with a Mate.
9 - Rhyme. The person with the card says a word. It goes round the table until someone messes up or repeats. Decide beforehand if the words 'Silver' and 'Orange' are accepted.
10 - Drink Again. Take a drink. Then one more.

Jack - Make a rule. If the rule is broken, the person must drink. Example - Nobody drinks with their right hand.
Queen - Question. The person who pulled the card picks someone. Asks them a question. The person asked must answer with another question, and so on, until someone makes a statement.
King - When a King is pulled, everyone pours a little of their drink into 'The King Cup'. The last King drinks the whole thing. Especially disgusting depending on what everyone has been drinking.
Person 1: I got sloshed playing Kings last night.
Person 2: You pulled the last King?
Person 1: Yeah... it was Strongbow, Bud, Vodka, Peach Shnapps, Malibu, dark Rum, and Red Wine.
Person 2: And you're still alive?
by Queen of Kings February 20, 2013

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