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The ultimate end to "your time". Assigned by your evil teachers who aren't satifised that you put in 7 hours a day mon-fri of work that you would rather take a dump on than do. If somebody was prepared to do that with me I'd be pleased. But no. They decided that you can't get home from schhol, kick your shoes off and do what ever it is you wanna, you gotta start doing your homework. It makes me wanna puke. Some homework might actually be worth your valuble time. Other shit isn't. Pour exemple the subjects which you don't like/couldn't give a shit about/is not anything to do with what you wanna be when your older.
My maths teacher is the biggest bitch when it comes to homework. We have maths on mon,tues and weds. she expects our monday homework in on tues, and our weds h/w in on thurs morning. How unfair is that! see said if it changed, she'd have to see our homework on the tuesday instead of monday, and our class voted against that happening cos some people has stuff to do/more h/w than they have on a monday. I almost stood up and scream "FUCKS SAKE, JUST DIE MRS OWEN"
Homework has made me cry/lose sleep/kick things and hurt my own foot/want to top myself. It should be abolished.
I must point out however that some teachers are safe and don't set homework ever/very rarely/easy h/w. Those are the teachers I respect
*My class is sitting in Maths with Mrs Ford learning Trigononmetry*
Mrs Ford: Right, for homework I want exersise 2.2 questions 1-7 for next lesson please.
Me: How will this subject help in later life
Mrs Ford: If you wanted to work in construction
Me: Well I don't. I could be doing something useful in the time it takes me to do this stuff
Mrs Ford:*realises she got nowt to bring to me*
Shhhh and get on with your work, you're disrupting everyone else
Me: tuts and comtinues playing pac man on my phone
by Queen Of Sheeba October 07, 2006
A combination of the words "Friend" and "Indian". What to call your indian friends or "frindians" as they shall now be referred. Indian as in from India, not Native Americans.
Ali is my frindian. Nikhita is not my frindian, in fact she is a bitch, who I hate.
by Queen of Sheeba December 29, 2013
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