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A Quakertown term for Marijuana (Quakertown Brown), Made popular by the crew F.O.D
Pot, Ganja, Maryjane, DAVE

by Quakertown Kid December 29, 2007
A group of rowdy, drug crazed hooligans reppin the 215 (Quakertown, PA). The initials F.O.D started when students needed a new code word for marijuana because all other terms had become to widely known, out of this problem the name D*** came into acceptance. "Friends of D***"
1. "dude... who tagged the front of my house? My mom is going to be so pissed."
"Probably F.O.D, they enjoy senseless destruction"

2. "Yo, who actually still makes pipes out of tin cans anymore?
"Quakertown Kids, especially members of F.O.D"

3. "I was at the movies on Friday and there was this group of kids chillin outside, they were so fucked up."
"ugh... do I really need to answer that?"
by Quakertown Kid December 29, 2007

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