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An idiotic, kooky, French-Canadian who idles on IRC with a misconstrued understanding of the English language. Not only that, but this certain individual is very stubborn and only believes what he thinks is fact even if those so called "facts" are clearly false. His perception of reality is very distorted which leads one to believe that he lives in his own little world. It is dangerous to assume you are friends with this self-centered person, even after years of mutual friendship, because once you do he will strike you down with no remorse.

When you hear the reference "pulled a sn3wp", you can consider the perpetrator guilty of not only going ape shit for no reason, but also going on to create a website attempting to rationalize the lunacy.

Also referred to as: sn3wp
Joebutterballz: "Wow! Did he really just tell everyone his friends secrets?"

Will Yum: "Ya Joe he did. That guy just pulled a Snewp!!!"
by Quake 1 TF/MTF Community May 05, 2010
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