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Typically this is a conscious stage beyond one being extremely drunk. In the strict meaning of the phrase, usually it is pre-determinded to get to the point where one (e.g. a young person downing a bottle of vodka, for example) determines that for kicks it seems very 'young' to get paraletic. For example (and having been there, who hasn't!), the term is frequently used and implemented by young adults who want to enjoy alcoholic experiences of the most extreme. Also, contradictory to the idea, it is very possible to recall having been paraletic. Memory loss can occurr but often the next day or resulting few hours of consciousness (whatever comes first), revealing behavioural flashbacks of this state are oh so much fun to recall! Especially if you did some damage...
I am mega-pissed (in nightclub), I am going home to down them beers, sit in the chair and get totally paraletic...
by Pwll ap Sion March 16, 2008

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