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When a man has a VERY hairy chest.
Usually plays a key role in "love-making".

Feels good during sex against a womans breats, mainly nipples.

Useful to hold onto something if the man in question is not chubby.

Think, Austin Powers!
Girl one: I had sex with a guy last night, he was soo! hairy.

Girl two: Ahh, the good ol' love rug eyy?
by Purely Apivorus March 05, 2009
A Cheesy hog is another word for a woodlouse.
Girl One: Ahhh!!!

Girl Two: What?

Girl One: There's a cheesy hog on my crumpet!

Girl Two: That a woodlouse you twat!

Girl One: Same thing.
by Purely Apivorus March 11, 2009

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