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2 definitions by PureeTofu

Much like Cornish Game Hens the Cornish Gay Men can be recognized by their puffed up chests.

The term is used to describe any homosexual male that over works their chest and shoulder muscles in the gym resulting in puffed up chest with slender "toothpick" legs to support his body.
Going to Gay Days was so obnoxious, everywhere you looked there were Cornish gay men, I'm amazed their legs could support their chest!
by PureeTofu June 27, 2012
A BeetleJuice vacation is a vacation where your plans involve staying home and improving your house. Hopefully, unlike the Maitlands, you won't drive over the edge of a covered bridge.
Wow, you're so lucky to have off next week.
Yeah, but I'm so poor I'm just going to take a BeetleJuice vacation.
by PureeTofu May 28, 2010