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This is the biggest bullshit ever. We had it all. One powerful country that went down to the fucking toilet.

I am from Croatia and I can live aside my fellow Serbian like brothers; but you people are too uptight about your "national pride" to do so. You ruin a good country. Fuck racism. Fuck you all. Fuck fascism. Fuck nationalism.
Yugoslavia was a good vision of a country that should never have broken up.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred January 22, 2012
Basically, some gumpy kid on YouTube who really seems to have nothing better to do then make YouTube videos. He should be doing more important things with his time such as studying for school or getting a job rather than whining and attention whoring. See: get a life
Pruane2forever is a nerdy kid that needs to get a life.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred February 05, 2011
To be rejected or hurt or dumped by someone you're romantically interested in. Common symptoms include sleeping a lot, feeling like you're going to die, and wanting desperately to take a toaster bath.
Man, I got damaged today, and it hurt like hell.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred October 31, 2011
A stupid excuse that people use to act like irresponsible idiots. Ignoring the fact that they are individuals with their own free will and choose to be irresponsible.
People often use this excuse, human nature, to act like dicks or be selfish to others. They believe that humans are naturally aggressive or selfish which is not true. Everything human beings do is determined by choices you make.

People use "human nature" as an excuse for virtually every wrong doing or idiotic mistake they manage to come up with as a simple excuse to avoid responsibility.

If you are speeding down the highway just because you don't see a cop nearby and want to get somewhere fast, please kill yourself. You are driving inconsiderately and risking your safety as well as putting not only you but other people's lives in danger. No one should drive selfishly without thinking about others just so they can cheat and get to their destination faster. Some people speed when they don't see cops around and end up getting tickets. If you drive in an idiotic, retarded manner like this, please suicide. You're a moron if you do it.

People should always try and obey the speed limit and wear seatbelts like a normal decent human being is expected to. Not sometimes, ALL the time, morons.

The same thing goes for other things like littering. Don't throw it out your fucking vehicle window because you're fucking lazy. Throw it in the trash wherever your destination is, dumbasses. You people using human nature as an excuse to be irresponsible are the reasons why I believe stupid people should be totally eradicated and only select Intelligent people should be allowed to live.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred November 06, 2011
The younger and much worse half of Generation Y.

The left-wing liberal children 1978-1994 that voted for Obama. See: Neo-Boomer and lost cause

The generation that will cause the worst economic train-wreck the West will ever see. The people who will cause a dark ages.

They are basically another Hippie boomer generation, but a lot less cooler, moral, and ambitious than the Boomers and a lot more Marxist, extremist, pacifist and spoiled. In other words, see: brain-dead.

Like the Boomer generation, the Obama Generation will contribute to the downfall of America as well as the rest of Western civilization, due to their spoiled brat gimme-gimme liberalism.

The median year of the Obama generation is 1986. Theoretically, it is believed that generally the most liberal of individuals ever to be seen in human history, are born within that particular year.
The Obama Generation will go down in history as one of the most incompetent, worst and brain-dead generations. They are merely too incompetent to live civilized lives, or even control a country.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred January 19, 2014
See: Teachers, Police Officers, School board, Religious people, the Church, the media, the government and state, and Psychiatrists. Basically, controlling dipshits in society who want you to be a good little robot and conform to their rules and standards and lose your individuality.

They enforce the Status Quo and believe that they can tell you what to Do, Think, Say, Act and everything else.
My life would be so much better without being brainwashed and taken advantage of by those stupid mind nazis.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred October 27, 2011
A lost U.S. state, named after the Absaroka indian tribe.

Absaroka was going to be in between what is now Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota as a US state in 1939, but because there were not enough people in the specific land area, Congress changed their minds at the last minute and Absaroka wasn't approved. What is now Sheridan, Wyoming was going to be Sheridan, Absaroka, the capital of the new state of Absaroka.

See also: the lost state of Lincoln, another lost state that was going to be paired with Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
Absaroka was going to be the 49th state.
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred September 23, 2011

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