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Also known as the Power Chord Rape, where a person continously plays power chords on there guitar. It also applies to Bass Players who just play the Root Notes, there known as, wait there not even known at all or even heard for that matter. He's just the guy jerking it in the back who wishes he had a significant effect on the band like Les Claypool (Primus) or Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) did in there bands. ex. Bass player who's never heard- Any Mainstream "Rock" Band or "Punk" Band.
Though Guitar Wanking/Power Chord Rape can be okay at times, it is acceptable only if you add a kick ass guitar solo, or even a guitar solo for that matter to the song.
Guitar Wankers that I recommand listening to are:
Kurt Cobain- Nirvana
Greg Ginn- Black Flag
Steve Jones- Sex Pistols
Johnny Ramone- The Ramones
James Iha- Smashing Pumpkins

Those are just a few examples, I'd recommand Punk, Hardcore Punk or even some Rock Music. So I hope you enjoy there wanking.
Example of one of the good Guitar Wankers.

Guy: Dude! Dude! Listen to Kurt Cobain wank that Guitar!
Guy 2: Oh shit here comes the solo!
Guy: Oh my god! Kurt's guitar has reached orgasm.
Guy 2: I had an orgasm in my ears too!
Guy: ahhh geez... hmm, lets listen to some Megadeth now!
Guy 2: Jesus, we're music whores.
Guy: Well, its better than being a Justin Bieber whore.
Guy 2: Yeah true.

Note: Bands posted are friggen awesome.
by Pure Fun August 13, 2010

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