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Spicy de la pasta. A phrase referring to something that is extraordinary or uncommon. It is a phrase usually referring to an event and has nothing to do with spices or pasta.

The phrase "spicy de la pasta" was invented by a man named Pumba. Known for his comical conversations and simultaneous actions.
For example - "That concert last night was spicy de la pasta!"
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 25, 2010
High grade marijuana known as African Warthog. Worth about fifteen US dollars a gram, this cannabis is extremely strong when it comes to the high and the odor. It is rare to find on the streets, for it is usually sold in great quantities.

This strong cannabis was first grown by a man referred to as Pumba. He named the weed after himself thus, African Warthog, enlightened by the movie The Lion King.
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 24, 2010
Can is a gang related word. When referring to spray paint, people use the word "can" as a code word so as not to attract attention when used publicly.
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 24, 2010
Pumba is not only the name of the warthog in the Disney movie The Lion King, but is also a name referring to a person.
The name Pumba is a code name for a small town drug dealer in the United States who ended up spreading his name through illegal deals. Pumba has been known to sell items such as stolen watches, phones, cars, bootleg dvds (illegally burned movies), knives, guns, and even condoms. He is more well known for the selling of illegal drugs. One of his most well known drugs is African Warthog, a very strong marijuana.
"Hey. Check out Pumba over there. He be selling that strong s***."
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 25, 2010
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