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Propping up a 50 gallon trash can full of water against another persons door and then waiting for them to open the door which will cause the trash can to fall inwards onto their floor and feet. The following effect will be large puddles and sitting water for a long long long time. Basically Hurricane Katrina goes through your room.
I opened up the door and those bitches Katrina'd us!! No wonder it happened to us George Bush hates black people.

Everyone grab your loved ones and get out of here Katrina just hit!
by Puddy Tat January 24, 2007
Done mainly in clubs, a male pulls out his nuts and stretches them to hold a liquid. He then buys the women a drink and pours it in his newly made "Bird Bath". The women drinks and the man has found a new mate.
I decided to try the Bird Bath and I can't believe it, I was fucking her the next hour!!
by Puddy Tat May 03, 2005

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