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4 definitions by Pubic Dreadlocks

The act of taking your unsuspecting victim, putting your dick in her ass, then taking her upside-down and slamming her head first on to the floor as hard as possible.
I gave Samantha The Penis Power Slam so hard, her neck snapped and she went in to a coma for 3 years! When she woke up... I did it again!!
by Pubic Dreadlocks July 09, 2009
18 7
The act of filling a hotdog bun with fresh semen and throwing it into your sleeping partners mouth and yelling "coming in for landing".
Last night when me and sally were done i took the last hotdog bun and gave her a nice columbian airplane.
by Pubic Dreadlocks April 11, 2009
15 10
The act of having 2 siblings have sexual relations with a man of the chinese ethnic background while fully intoxicated wielding a whip, spiked dildos, and of course... double-sided anal beads.
Me and my sister, April, had a darn good Family Fun Night with our good friend... Hu Flung Poo.
by Pubic Dreadlocks August 19, 2009
12 14
An activity many interbred children on the farm take part in that involves the usage of barnyard animals and usually food condiments for the self satisfaction of the individual. Normally the animals do not enjoy it.
Hey benjermin, last night me and my sister/cousin doug had a barnyard picnic with 2 chikens, a pig, and our dog. It was GREAT!!!
by Pubic Dreadlocks April 18, 2009
5 8