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2 definitions by Pub quiz

The online chat equivalent of windmilling. When the protagonist indiscriminantly 'steams in' to one or more users of an online discussion forum.
E-Windmilling example from an internet discussion forum:

If you are the acid-faced, bespectacled, arrogant, humourless, stick-up-yer-arse git who hissed across the pub to instruct me to quit enjoying banter with the other teams in the pub quiz, please be informed that at the next quiz I have every intention of sitting right next to you and shouting out all the wrong answers right in your miserable, po-faced, evidently-works-in-finance ear.

Sir: If you don't like banter, don't go down the pub.

Looking forward to whupping your arse (in the quiz, of course. I don't do fisticuffs, even if that is what you were angling for last night. Sorry to deny you the satisfaction of neanderthal pleasures) next Sunday, once again.
by Pub quiz March 30, 2009
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Eyebrows of a magnitude of bushiness similar to those of Britain's Got Talent superstar, Susan Boyle.
Dave: Sorry to hear about the girlfriend mate.
Ed: Yeah mate she was awesome, but I couldn't get past the Boylebrow.
by Pub quiz June 02, 2009
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