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One of a kind. An internet term for people selling homemade, unique items on stores like Etsy and eBay.
Internet Seller: Brand new, handmade OOAK dress! Buy now!
by PsycloneDeth August 11, 2010
A popular website for one of a kind (OOAK) items that are often hand made or bought and modified. The name is based on the Finnish word "etsi", meaning search. You can find anything that can possibly be handmade like clothes, jewelry, and furniture to suit every style. It's a popular alternative to sites like eBay and Amazon.com.

I personally love it.
Someone made me a choker on Etsy
by PsycloneDeth September 29, 2010
Like a frenemy, but much more hated than your average frenemy.

"Nemisis" and "Friend" combined.
Sarah is my arch fremisis.
by PsycloneDeth August 22, 2010
The correct version of run and tell that.

Many people think Antoine Dodson said "run and tell that, homeboy" in his infamous newscast, when he REALLY said "you can run UNTIL that, homeboy!" as in until he gets caught.
Antoine Dodson: "We gonna find you, so you can run until that, homeboy!"
by PsycloneDeth August 22, 2010

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