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1 definition by Psychiatrist of a pro Brijesh

A poorly dressed person that is usually high off of the highly addictive game, "RuneScape" that causes the person to very oftenly run through a sliding glass door to play more RuneScape. This usually results in hundreds of stitches on the side of a Brijesh's stomach. Don't try to get it on with a Brijesh, as his mystical rune powers, with help of specialized Chaos Tiaras and Talismans, will hook you into the mysterious and addictive world of RuneScape, disallowing permissions to leave the realm.

**runs the sliding glass door sending tons of shattered glass flying**

"Uh oh."

**still attempts to drag himself to computer so he could play while he waited for the paramedics.

**paramedics arrive, try to get the Brijesh onboard the Ambulance

**paramedics float into the mystical realm of RuneScape through the gate of the mysterious ruins
by Psychiatrist of a pro Brijesh April 05, 2011