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2 definitions by Psp4804

A internet language, based around noobspeak and leetspeak. Involves non capitalizing letters, not punctuating, 'i' is translated to 'u', and some word replacements, like dead with ded, and all proper nouns start with W, words ending with a vowel must have a g at the end, words cannot have multiple vowels, no repeating letters in same word, all vowels before the last vowel must be a y, no 2 vowels can be next to eachother and instead is replaced with the first of the 2,
u ded to me you wysymeg fyceg

i spyak tynnyrspyak

wysmeg = awesome
fyceg = face
tynnyrspyak = Tannerspeak
by Psp4804 January 07, 2012
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A player of a server in an online multiplayer game.
The serverlet became an admin
by Psp4804 July 26, 2011
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