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2KX is an abbreviation of the number 2010... where 2K refers to 2000 (K being the scientific notation of 1000) and X is the Roman numeral 10.

Note the roman numeral for 1000 is M, so 2MX, MMX and KKX are equivalent.
Example 1

"Welcome to this extravaganza to see in the new year, 2KX... yes 2010 is finally here after a whole years wait!"

Example 2

person 1: Did you know that 2KX is the roman numeral for 2010.
person 2: Actually, that would be MMX. 2KX is a mixture of Roman and engineering notations.
person 1: So the definition of 2KX on UrbanDictionary was wrong?
person 2: Yes, whoever wrote that was a muppet...
by Pseudozoo January 01, 2010
In Monopoly: The act of placing a hotel on a property.

Can be most effective when used to describe buying the hotel on a propert that previously did not have any improvements.
You: Mr Banker, can I please hotelerise Park Lane and Mayfair please?

Other players: Oh man, we're f***ed!
by PseudoZoo June 02, 2009

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