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A term giving to those who are not of Asian decent, but who prefer Asian Women or Men over other races. It appears to have been created by others who do not like the attention that Asian women or men receive from non-Asians as a way to attempt to disgrace, belittle and insult them. Those who use the term usually appear to currently have or did have problems with staying in or finding relationships of their own, have low self esteem, or some other personal issue, and like most insults only used to create an impression that the name caller is better than the one they are calling the name of. Usually it is either Asian men who have not had much luck dating within their own race but desperately wish to, or women of other races who use it because a man they like does not like them and is dating or seeking to date an Asian woman. Those with the most anger issues who use asiaphile as a verbal insult ,will often dismiss any conceivable reason no matter how truthful or fact based , as to why someone of another race wishes to date an Asian man or woman. Yet, these same people usually have no problem with or use any such insulting term with such violent vigor for others who prefer to date other races outside of their own, as long as they not dating Asians. They are clinically sometime referred to as” Narcissistic Racial Activist” , “ Intra Racial Moral Psychopath “, or “ Jealous”.
"Look at that White/Black/Hispanic/Middle Eastern- ( fill in any race but Asian)- asiaphile with the beautiful Asian woman on his arm. Just because she likes him and not me, he is messed up in the head. Its just sick, damn asiaphile."
#asiaphile #jealous #asian #asia #dating #pscyological problem #stupid #assinine #race #racist #race baiting
by Pseudonym Studonym November 10, 2010
Australian female whore who uses men to get what they want, then dump them and move on. Often afterward telling everyone it was every single mans fault and she is inocent and wonderful. Her accent woos her next victim into a false sense of security and lust, and she attacts again.

An Australian male who uses women for sex and support, then leaves them. Often afterward telling everyone it was every single womans fault and he is inocent and wonderful. His accent woos his next victim into a false sense of security and lust, and he attacts again.
Oh my God, did that lying little AussHo slut really do a job on those guys. I can't believe they all fall for her like that.

What an AussHo, he just said he loved her, fucked her and screwed her over at the same time. They just go giddy over his Australian accent and don't even notice what a jerk he is.
#australian #australia #aussie #aussho #sheila
by Pseudonym Studonym November 20, 2010
To take it up the ass hard and painfully.
Natalie lets anyone Demo Slam her; Go on, ask her!
#butt fuck #ass #anal #rimjob #ass pound
by Pseudonym Studonym November 20, 2010
A Asian who automatically criticizes anyone of non-Asian race who is married or dating another Asian.
Look at that whore, she married that rich Asian guy for his money and because she thinks Anime is cool. said the Chinky Dink as he checked out the hot white chick in the corner.
#asian #asiaphiles #asianphiles #white #black #hispanic #non-asian #married #dating #race baiting
by Pseudonym Studonym November 20, 2010
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