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2 definitions by Pseudonym Master

Launceston is very persuasive and alluring city in Tasmania, and island state of Australia.

Within one week you'll have a side fringe
Within two you'll develop skinny-leg jeans
Within three you'll be a fully fledged scene kid
On your fourth you'll be hanging around outside Coffee Republic smoking, all day.

It's also really cold
"Du', wna cm ta Moys"? translation: Dude, do you want to come to Mortys

"Cbf" (flicks fringe)

"Omg i hate launceston" (will never leave)
by Pseudonym Master September 17, 2008
Has an awesome personality and is extremely nice. Is really hot and dresses well. Dresses like a skateboarder but a good looking one. Is definitely a lady charmer and a ladies man.
A BrokenBooms approaches the young female and is quickly mauled by five others because of his gorgeousness.
by pseudonym master September 12, 2013