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A male erection that is small and unimpressive.
Jill: I gave Mitch anal for his birthday last night.
Jane: Wow! That is really generous of you.
Jill: Not really, he has a Delaware Boner
Jane: Wow, that's like getting a pair of Jimmy Choo heels for the price of Nine Wests!
Jane: Totally, I am so wet now.
by Prozak Morris August 20, 2009
Similar to a Irish Car Bomb or Sake Bomb, except with energy drinks instead of alcohol. Dropping a shot of 5-Hour Energy into a glass of Red Bull, then chugging until it is finished.
Man I am so tired right now. I need more than a Red Bull. I'm going to do an Energy Bomb.
by Prozak Morris April 24, 2009

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