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2 definitions by ProudRyukin the Short

A ninja who has trained in the art of ramen noodles. Ramen Ninjas are adept at stealing delicious ramen under the cover of darkness, handling hot bowls of ramen without making a sound or dropping them, and using various ramen ingredients as lethal weapons.
1: Hey, I'm hungry.
2: Let's get some ramen!
1: But how? It's night and we'll get in trouble if we wake someone up!
2: No problem. I'm a Ramen Ninja.
by Proudryukin the Short July 14, 2012
A bitchy woman obsessed with controlling every aspect of your life.
My mom is such a hoverbitch. She's forcing me to study every night instead of going out with my friends.
by ProudRyukin the Short May 23, 2011