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Boy, you people sure have inaccurate and ill-intentioned opinions about the residents of the Red States don't you? Just so you know, the overwhelming majority of Christians don't go around committing such hate crimes as you are implying that they do.
You people in the Blue States are just resentful and enraged that George W. Bush and the Republicans won the election, and you people always will be until another Democrat finally makes his/her way into office.
You think the Red Staters are uneducated, ignorant rednecks and bigots? Why don't you educate yourselves a little (or even A LOT) before you go out making a bunch of accusations about us, hypocrites.
by Proud to be from a Red State February 22, 2005
The legalized murdering of your unborn child, usually within the first three months of pregnancy. Sure, you're against war, violence, and hate; but you sure don't give a crap if you kill your soon-to-be-born son or daughter before it EVEN has the chance to LIVE!
Have you considered giving up the kid for adoption as an alternative to abortion? There are countless American couples out there who are unable to have children, and are so determined that they go overseas to places like Korea in order to adopt children. Why not give your unwanted baby to one of these loving couples, huh?
by Proud to be from a Red State February 22, 2005
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