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A town in greater Boston with about 40,000 residents. Despite for having a bad wrap with drugs, it's a decent place to live. And by the way, it's Bill-Rica, or Bhricka, not Bill-Er-Rick-A. And don't start with the Bricka crap, that's dead and stupid.

One of the major downsides to this town is it has so many white people who try to act blacker than the blacks (aka, wangsters), and there's also big groups of the 'emo' crowd & skaters.

Billerica Memorial High School (or BMHS) is the public High School were most of the druggies, smokers and wangsters come from! There also seems to be a HUUGGEE 'prejudice' towards the Freshman at the school.

People here claim to live in 'NB' (North Billerica), Pinehurst,
'Lakeside' or any other stupid adjective. But, c'mon, you live in Billerica.

Also, there's a theory that you're never more than a mile away from a Dunkin Donuts in this town, we have like 6.

And, Oh Yeah, If you're a teenager with a Job in this town, you probably work at one of the Dunkins, or one of the 3 Market Baskets.
Billerica's a pretty nice town.
by Proud to be a Mass-Hole June 09, 2009
A state in the Northeast with perhaps the most history in the country (i.e. the American Revolution, the Salem Witch Trials, the Pilgrims) that may have a bad wrap with the rest of the country; we are often referred to as Mass-Holes for our bad driving. It must just be something in the Water.

You know from you're from this state if you pronounce any 'er' word with an 'ah' (i.e. Chowdah, Lobstah); if you can pronounce the toun names Billerica, Worcester, Woburn and Haverhill correctly; you love the Red Sox; You Hate the Yankees with a burning passion; you say things like 'wickhed awesome' a lot; and you think Boston is the best City of the world and should still be the 'Hub' of the World.
Dude, Massachusetts is Awesome.
by Proud to be a Mass-Hole June 09, 2009

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