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A term used for talking about ejaculation in a man while the elderly or young children are within earshot
Dad: Hey mum that monkey milk was wild last night
Mum: yeah I know, it was just so thick and creamy.
Little Johnny: What the hell is monkey milk?!
by Prophet Mech June 03, 2005
A person who spends so much time on the internet that they do not need, or have forgotten how to have sex with anyone and in extreme cases can totally forget all others
Young girl: Mom, sam wont sleep with me anymore.

Mother: well sarah im afraid he is now a websexual. Get a virus and upload it to his hard drive. And you can smash his computer too
by Prophet Mech June 09, 2005
To send a chat request to someone over an instant messanger like MSN or Yahoo the instant they log in with some random hello or strange quote.
Mech clicks login
0.5 seconds later
Neon: Hi, did you know kittens are furry?
Mech: HOLY HELL, stop being such a chat sniper fool. At least let the email warning come through first!!!!
by Prophet Mech April 07, 2006
A name given to those of the gaming world once they attain enough foresight to be able to outwit their opponents
HOLY SHIT!!!!! That prophet just dodged my fookin shot!
by Prophet Mech January 25, 2004
n. to be able to feed the animals in a zoo by releasing gasious substances from inside ones rectum and filtrating it through the atmosphere until it evolves down the food chain to a suitable level
Jean you are such a zoo feeded
by Prophet Mech January 20, 2004

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