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To begin a story, often in an online message board, but to have it fade into the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
I'm fucking sick of kidiots who Bel-Air the forums all the time.
by Promethean Sky April 16, 2007
Bouncy, shaky, or just impatient.
I get jittery when I have to piss too bad.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
Something addictive that keeps the public complacent.
Daytime talk shows are the opiate of the masses.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
A really expensive, really damned tasty coffee grown in Kona, Hawaii. Price as of March 2008 is $60/pound ($130/kilogram).
I'd drink Kona coffee all the time if I could afford it.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
The shitty sick feeling you get when you're trying to kick a drug, or can't get any more.
See that jittery fucker over there? That must be a withdraw symptom of the crack.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
To make something better, or just sound better.
Those Starbucks fuckers just use the foreign shit to jazz it up, it doesn't mean anything.
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
A catlike critter that lives in Indonesia. The only reason anyone has ever heard of the damned things is that they eat coffee beans then shit them out. The shit-beans are used to make Kopi Lewak, a super expensive coffee that only a shit eating moron would touch.
You mean they make coffee out of palm civet shit? What the fuck?
by Promethean Sky March 20, 2008
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