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The camera angle in pornography that shows a full view of the penetrator's anus, scrotum and perineum. Can also be used to describe the scene viewed by a non-participating partner in a threesome, or by walking in from an unfortunate angle on a couple in mid-coitus.
Right after I finished, the porno went full grundlevision. I think I'm gay now.

I went to get more champagne and when I came back, they were going at it. Took me almost a week to forget the grundlevision.
by Project Hellraiser December 11, 2009
Racial slur for hispanics. Used primarily to describe migrant workers congregating in front of hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. So called because many are hired for manual labor, such as digging holes.
Chill, let's go to to Home Depot and hire some digaholes.
by Project Hellraiser August 11, 2011
A relationship in which spontaneous carnal monkey sex can happen at any time due to the high levels of sexual desire between the people involved
I missed the entire third period because Tasha was all over me. I love this rerapetionship.
by project hellraiser August 19, 2011
A form of sexual favor used by manipulating women on the most desperate of men. Somewhat related to a back massage, it involves light brushing of the fingernails and fingertips across the back in such a way as to not snag in the copius amounts of back hair.
She's staying at his house and she's not even sleeping with him. He thinks its great because he gets back tickles while he watches college football.
by Project Hellraiser December 03, 2011
Another word for queef. Portmanteau of "Pussy" and "Burp"
After sex, she purped. I think it was her vagina saying thank-you.
by Project Hellraiser April 27, 2011

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