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an annoying fuck as troll that constantly trolls/spams cplusplus.com
when all hell breaks loose, spoonlicker is usually the cause. spoonlicker is the reason the ban button and system was advanced.
#spoon #licker #spoonlicker #troll #spammer
by Programming Sapien February 05, 2013
When a girl scooches up and leans with her legs open toward the faucet in the shower and turns the water on, creating an awesome feeling in the whole cooter region. Combines "waterfall + "cooter," and is often first discovered by younger girls in their baths.
"I was really horny when I was a kid, so I ran a cooterfall until I had a cootergasm."
#cooterfall #orgasm #waterfall #masturbation #girl
by Programming Sapien April 03, 2015
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