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Possibly the truest statement of fact ever uttered by humankind

A phrase that's been around since rap was invented during the disco craze of 1979, when rap was rebuffed as a trendy fad that would be over in six months; no such luck unfortunately

Something that would get your throat slit in prison, if you said it
"Rap fucking sucks," Sam Kinison

"Your husband probably shouldn't have gotten that RAP SUCKS tattoo on his asscheek, before being sent to prison," Peg Bundy
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
A Major League Baseball team that was started by Ewing Kaufmann in 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri, which had been the home of the legendary Negro League champions, the KC Monarchs (1920 - 1962) - Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, Buck O'Neil, etc.

At first, the Royals lived up to the level of excellence set by the Monarchs. From 1973-1993, they won ten American League West penants, lost one World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1980 and came back five years later to beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the I-70 Series. In 1980, third baseman George Brett had over a .400 batting average.

Other Royals megastars in the first two decades were:
1) Willie Wilson
2) Bret Saberhagen
3) Frank White
4) Al Hrabosky, the Mad Hungarian
5) Jorge Orta
6) Dane Iorg
7) Bo Jackson

After 1993, the Royals went into a slump and became one of the worst teams in MLB. This has been acutely painful to watch, if you were a fan of Royals Baseball in the 1970s and 1980s.
The decline of the once great Kansas City Royals has been like watching a Shakespearean tragedy. It's sad to see a team that was once at the top of the MLB fall to the bottom.

The Kansas City Royals consistently beat the Yankees in the '70s and '80s even with half their budget. This gave hope to kids across the country that baseball was fair and honest. Anyone with talent could rise to the top. Today that hope is lost.
by Professor Truth Detector October 03, 2007
A synonym that white rednecks use to define African-American neighborhoods
Hillbilly in Kansas City: "We best stay out of the 18th and Vine district, Pedro. That shore enough iz in coon town, and I'm too young to die. Them jigaboos is shooting and looting 24/7."
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
1-A teenage boy who gets cornholed in prison by an adult man

2-A form of music that used to be relevant 20 plus years ago but is now more about look than attitude
1-"Nigga, you be my punk. Now bend over," Tookie Williams, RIP

2-The Ramones and the Misfits were extremely energetic, exciting, hard rock bands that were punk rock without even having to try hard at all.

Any band where the singer wears a sweater or clothes he bought at the mall and sings about 11 y/o girls and/or breaks into a rap in the middle of the song is a mall punk and not to be taken seriously by anyone over the age of 15.
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
Manager of the Kansas City Monarchs baseball team.

A man who defined class, honor and integrity in a world that is often vacuous and unfair to great men

Buck O'Neill had the kind of character that would have made him an excellent choice to be the first black President of the United States.
by Professor Truth Detector October 03, 2007
Archaic phrase from the 1980s meaning a homosexual who is very weak and in the final stages of full blown AIDS

An insult attached to a pussy gay man or man you perceive as being weak and prissy

I went down to the hospice where my mom works, and all these AIDS bags were there stinking up the place with their bodily fluids. My mom should wear a body condom.

Mr. Felcher is an unbelievable AIDS bag. Not only is he the worst teacher in school, I think he wants to cornhole my anus.
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
Usually these are punk rockers who aren't truly nazis but vaguely hold racist, anti-intellectual, anti-socialist or fascist beliefs.

"The fascists are the only true anarchists," a phrase coined by Benito Mussolini seems to describe the Nazi punk attitude toward bourgeoise culture

A group that would have been gassed in Auschwitz for cross-dressing, refusing to obey orders and/or wearing BDSM fetish wear.

Sid Vicious, Siouxie Sioux, Johnny Rotten, Richard Hell, Iggy Pop, the Adolescents, Black Flag, Exene, Darby Crash and most early punks latched onto the Nazi Punk image in the late '70s.

In 1976, the swastika was borrowed from Iggy and the Stooges, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the Hell's Angels and then updated and modified into an easily consumable teenage trend by fashion designers Vivian Westwood and Malcolm McLauren in their London boutique called "Sex"

By 1982, the Nazi Punk fad was driven underground, because the big record companies were no longer interested in signing punk rock bands and were totally focused on New Wave. Without the mainstream media paying attention punks started concentrating less on image and more on substance.

Most of the Nazi Punks were uneducated and not nearly as bigoted and extreme as their Nazi fetish would indicate.
In the '70s, Darby and Sid were into heavy leather and swastikas on their clothes. Although they were cross-dressing, they could also be considered Nazi Punks.

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" - Dead Kennedys song that became a hit in 1981, because of all the trendy, rich kids in the O.C. pretending to be Nazis & leathermen from London's East End.
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007

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