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The reward, in and of itself, recieved by the recipient of an orgasm, typically shared and/or spread around amongst participants as a lingering, oozing reminder of that blissfully passionate act.
"I blew a load of fuck-snot down my Education Professor's throat after she tutored me at her house and at her specific request. Who's next?"
by Professor G October 17, 2008
Any sperm-gorged boner when viewed exclusively as a prized affirmation of female self-worth and inspirational object of adoration of a lady's lips, upon which she fawns and suckles in the sheer uninhibited selfish joy of inner fulfillment which she realizes she can ONLY attain by sucking a load of cherished fuck-snot from a favored piece of man-meat down her love-famished gullet, to be distinguished from the UN-selfish act of giving up a blow-job when requested or required as an unspoken price of admission, or when begrudgingly performed to shut up a whining or belligerent male companion in lieu of performing messier and more-intrusive sex acts, or in fair exchange for beer money, bus-fare, or trinkets from a Blow-'n'-Go or Stop-'n'-Blow or other commercial establishment.
The Senator's wife acts all uppity in public at first when you push her into a toilet stall and yank your meat out in her face, but once she's squatting on the bowl staring at your throbbing sperm-bloated attitude-adjusting man-sicle primed and obviously ready to squirt HER choice of hot piss in her face or hot fuck-snot down her high-faluting fuck-gullet, she usually makes the right choice and goes straight into a blissful suck frenzy without a moment's hesitation. Of course, every now and then she'll gulp down the piss instead, but that's HER choice. 'Tis no sweat off MY balls, so to speak, and as a Politician's wife, she's quite accustomed to being shit on in public.
by Professor G January 23, 2010
The apparently feverishly suck-focused intensity of a sex-&-suck-addicted cum-famished tit-whore to gobble mucho man-meat as if there were no tomorrow and her life depended on it, in addition to her dinner and sense of self-worth, with excessive cheek-plunging, mouth-swilling, and drool-slobbering involved, with no apparent concern shown for the integrity of her own mouth, lips, cheeks, or throat, often displayed as a sign of delighted fervor at the immediate opportunity to be sucking a long-desired hunk of spunk-root, irregardless of whether or not her suck-onslaught over-accelerates the fuck-hose being suckled from filling her gullet with a rush-job of hot & gooey fuck-snot. Rarely displayed by wives, if ever, once the honeymoon is over but often exhibited by mindlessly drunken floozies in drug-or-sex-induced stupors.
The preacher's daughter went into a suck frenzy on her 21rst birthday party after her third beer and blew most of the whole football team, including the coaches, in the locker room shower after the game, but once she'd been sperm-drenched and had for all intents and purposes been truly hosed down with fuck-snot, so to speak, we hosed her down with WATER in the shower before taking her over to the other team's locker room with fresh lip-gloss but still dripping wet and leaking from all her freshly-poked hot-&-hungry party-holes.
by Professor G January 23, 2010

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