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2 definitions by Professor Awesome

A Witch-demon-ninja. Normally associated with a minimum power level of 1000000000000 Watts. Highly conductive, ans skilled with broomsticks, katanas, and occasionally demonic pitchforks.
If I wasn't a wizard, the Weenja would have surely kicked my ass.
by Professor Awesome May 20, 2005
A Weenja who is a member of a rockgroup. Normally applied to Weenjas who play electric guitar, however the term has been used to describe all types of Weenja instrumentalists, including those who play theremins, kazoos, and didjeridoos.
woooo-weeee-woooo (weenja playing didgeridoo)

Dude, that Weenjammer RAWKS!
by Professor Awesome May 20, 2005