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Arrogant @$$hole with the clap in his world record-breakingly ASIAN wanker who gets on urbandictionary.com and adds definitions to his very effing name, such as "has a massive schlong" and simply "awesome" when really his dick is so dirty he has caught computer viruses. He may be a damn-near-grown black guy with a queer-ass faux-hawk with a cum-colored racing stripe down one side. Yeah... I went there, Tim. >:(
So for all you super-insecure Tims out there who attempt to cover for you ASIAN wankers with lame lies on urbandictionary, remember just this one thing:
It's down the road, not across the street when you cut your puny tweety-bird wrists. Make it count kids!
Desperate Lady #1: Giiiiirl, I finally got a MAN that wants the ole money-cat!
Desperate Lady #2: Oh honey, make sure he wears a condom!
Desperate Lady #1: Giiiiirl, PLEASE! TIM asked me out! I'm making him wear a HAZMAT suit!

News anchor: Tonight, in hobo-valley, several homeless men were found dead. Evidence suggest they were all violently raped. However, the CSI team believes the exact cause of death for these men was a overwhelming mix of STD's within Tim's Semen. On a related note, we take you now to the Channel 6 copter who has been following the police squadron closing in on Tim's house... DIE, TIM, DIE! SHOOT HIM!!!
by Professor Actual-Factual December 12, 2010

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