9 definitions by Professor Truth Detector

Probably the most evil thing you could call an African-American person

Commonly used by white bigots before 1865
Jimbo called this black guy a nigger slave and ended up getting raped in the butt with a loaded .38 snubnose, which was later emptied into his rectal chamber

All y'all nigger slaves best get to work bailing this cotton, before I'ma half to whip your azzez.
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
A homosexual anti-semite/racist who gleefully committed genocide and started World War II

An inspiration for most of the Muslim world

What mohawked teenagers think their parents, teachers, local police officers and all authority figures are as bad as
Hitler bunged Himmler and then gassed 100,000 Hungarian Jews in one day.

Osama is like Hitler with more facial hair

Mom, stop being a Hitler, and let me go to the Avril concert, you fucking cunt.

"Hitler was a sensitive man," Anal Cunt song
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007

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