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Group of close friends from the lab that you worked and bonded with in the pursuit of the truth. Singular = lomie
Yo, lomies let's get some eats.

by Prof. Slice January 22, 2008
Similar to the definition for homie except specific to someone you have worked and bonded with in the same research laboratory. Like homie it isn't a word that should be taken advantage of because a true lomie has put in the time and effort to discover the truth and will always help you discover your own truths.
Yo, what up lomie? How's r'search?
by Prof. Slice January 03, 2008
1) Similar to homeslice or homeboy but used within the lab setting. 2) Your closest lomie or the main lomie.
Quick, act like your workin', lomeslice is here.

Yo, lomeslice. Can I use you as a ref?
by Prof. Slice January 22, 2008

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