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Originally crafted in Iowa, selching has taken the world by storm. Intended to eliminate the need of a separate felchee and a felchor, selching took off as a way of self-stimulation. Proper selching form has been described as requiring two separate steps: 1) Initially, the selchor, serving as depositor in this stage, must deposit his semen into his own orifice—usually his own rectum, 2) After a few minutes, the selchor must then serve, simultaneously, as the felchor and felchee as he retrieves the semen with his mouth from the orifice. While many amateur selchers have removed their own lower ribs to improve their selching prowress, the National Selching Committee in Iowa City has disavowed this practice, referring to it as Performance Enhancing De-ribbing.
You'd think all that yoga practice would make him an excellent selcher; however, he almost always needs a felchor to perform a successful felch.

Cuba tried to establish a self-sustaining economy. Relying on one's self only works in selching.

Can you selch in Mars? True selchers can selch anywhere.
by Prof. Mars April 04, 2013

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