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The term 'black network' comes from the 'black market', where taxes or government supervision is avoided.

A B/N is an Adhoc network (mainly Wifi or LAN) that is not directly connected to the internet, used for sharing files.
Networks like this could span over large areas, with the use of repeaters, cantenna's or dedicated network cables, but are mainly very local.
They consist of a storage device connected to a router, giving access to other users (eg neighbors, classmates, etc) to read (but not write or delete) data from the drive.

Once files are downloaded, they are put on a storage device.
They are shared over a separate net to multiple users.
They can be password protected networks, that use custom P2P programs (with access codes or passwords) for the transfer of files, but also could use the standard Windows Adhoc network shared file system to copy or stream files over the network.

Networks can quickly clone themselves by cloning the harddrive, and installing it with a router on another location,creating a second network.

Black networks often are created to diminish suspicion of the RIAA or other law organizations.
Quite often they are found in apartment complexes, boarding schools, or campusses,and amongst internet techies or nerds.

They are also known as AdHoc networks, or intranet networks.

Not all uses have to be illegal,

They can be used to play online games with friends, or provide a faster way to share legal files amongst many people.
1- One Black Network connection can provide files to multiple offline computers, with a minimal risk of attracting law organizations; and by having a minimal internet bandwidth used. The ratio can be as much as 1/100,where one file downloaded could be shared to 100 people (but the share ratio is more generally 1/3 to 1/4).
2- Multiple Black Networks can share data with eachother, eg: B/N 1 shares software, while B/N 2 shares video's; then cross share the data with eachother.
3- Files can be shared to multiple clients without those clients to need to be online (once the files are uploaded to the Black Network)
4- Files can be backed up across Black Networks in case of one network's harddrive failure, creating clones could provide a backbone for other Black networks.
5- WLAN,Wifi, or LAN networks provide faster access times and download rates than the internet,and generally are free (save the cost of electricity and the purchase of the hardware).
by ProDigit November 05, 2010
1- A dutch word to describe someone who loves to go out to fields, forests, or nature and has a meal in the open nature.

The old ideas where to spread a blanket and have a lunch box with sandwiches.

The more modern idea could be eating on tables and benches spread in local parks, and it can be just about any food save for barbecue (since that would be a barbecuer)

2- Dutch racist word to describe a nicker.
Pick (comes from the word Pik), stands for stealing
Nicker (comes from the english word nikker) stands for a black or colored person.
Black people are often seen as thieves in white societies.
1- Look at that picknicker picknicking there! I don't know who enjoys the food the most, the guy or the insects!

2- He's a 'picknicker', because he's a nikker and he steals (hij 'pikt')
by ProDigit November 05, 2010

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