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A game usually played in public places with large amount of people.

You and other players (spotters) are usually located above a large crowd of people knows as combs. The idea of the game is to spot a comb over before other players do, then all the players will rate the comb over and give it a score. The comb overs are rated on: coverage, shinyness and hair remaining. This score will be added to your total points. Most points at the end of the game wins.
Friend 1: Wana play some comb over spotting?
Friend 2: Sure, this spot is awesome for it
Friend 1: Dude!!! comb over near the stairs
Friend 2: Dam he's gotta be atleast a 200 pointer
Friend 1: Totally, look at the shinyness
by Pro to the o-ness March 02, 2011

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