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From a real scene girl:

- i No TaLk LyKe DiS
- I don't like to pick fights
- Scene kids are awesome, but so are other cliques
- Music is my life
- The taking 500 million pictures of ourselves is true
- I'm not vegan or vegetarian, meat is yummy
- My hair is currently my natural dirty blonde color (ignore the fact I'm dying it next month)
- I am in love with converse
- I love tight jeans, fluffy hair, and eyeliner
- I absolutely hate myspace
- My hair is short and choppy
- The only piercings I have are on my earlobes
- I get my hair cut at a hair salon
- I don't gauge my ears
- I don't abuse the letter x
- I do use 'OMFG' and 'like' a lot
- I hate robots and like (not love) dinosaurs
- I don't smoke, but drink on occasion
- I don't write the letter x on my hand
- I'm pansexual
- I have one band shirt of a band I don't care for
- I have to like at least 5 songs of a band to consider them a favorite
- I don't go to millions of shows
- I wear thick rimmed glasses
- I've never stepped foot in a starbucks
- I have a livejournal, but I never go on
- I love attention, but I'm modest about it
- I have no tattoos
- I don't like polka dots
- I overly abuse smilies/emoticons

Yeah, I could go on but I'm getting tired now. Not all scene kids are the same, people! So yeah, stop judging people cuz we're all equal!
I'm soo scene, so rawr and stuff. :)
by PrincessKairi129 April 27, 2011

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