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An unruly vagina is one which is basically having a bad hair day. A vagina with pubic hair that is out of control.
1. Sheesh Joanne, you shouldn't wear your bikini until you get that unruly vagina under control.

2. Enola's unruly vagina was not a deterrent to those who would have her.

3. Deborah's unruly vagina could not be tamed, so she begrudgingly opted for a Brazilian.
by Princess SweetPea November 10, 2011
The term used to describe sideburns which resemble pubic hair.
Whoa, that guy's mingeburns are thick as a forest!
by Princess SweetPea October 27, 2011
Unruly dick has two meanings:

1.) A dick that wont stop getting erect at inappropriate moments

2.) The person in charge of town/country/planet/business who monumentally screws over everyone underneath him
1.) RJ was never invited to weddings due to a unruly dick

2.) George Bush and Tony Blair were unruly dicks
by Princess Sweetpea August 13, 2014

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