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3 definitions by Prince Leviticus

A free online encyclopedia that knows EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. IT knows ALL.
There isn't anything that wikipedia doesn't know
by Prince Leviticus November 12, 2004
An apparently "girly" band that was awesome, but I am a fan and I am a male. Anyway, they were a Gothic Alternative Rock band was made up of mostly females. They broke up in late 2000 because of PMS problems or something. They have a music video of My Cat. And the former lead singer Jessicka formed another band in 2001 called Scarling, which is pretty good.
Jack Off Jill has the most hilarious band name.
by Prince Leviticus October 19, 2004
A fat, stout person.
Don't let that lard-ass butter golem push you around
by Prince Leviticus December 06, 2004