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noun. pronounced (swee-z)

The combination of the words steez (slang for style) and swagger. Sweez is more than just the clothes you wear and how you carry yourself. Your steez should identify not only your taste in music and fashion, but how see the world around you. Proper gentleman always convey a refined, confident "sweez" when seen in public or when courting a fine honey dip.
"How the heck did Britt pull that Filipino queen with the English accent and green eyes?"

"His sweez was on point last night son; how could he not?"


Damon walks into the party with a brand new pair of LaCoste shoes on his feet and a perfectly tailored cardigan to match his hat. Brandon tips his cup towards him and says, "I see that sweez son" in approval.

see also "I see that"
#steeez #sweeze #steeze #swagga #staggar
by Prezident Elekt October 21, 2009
a phrase of approval. A common term between bruvs (friends) that shows immediate approval.
"So what did you think of Victoria?"

"I see that."


"I see that sweez son!"
#sweez #sweeze #steeze #son #booya
by Prezident Elekt October 21, 2009
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