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A classy, gnome-sized, mexican person.

Belonging to the Hernandez clan, a Hergnome is usually short in stature, and has a character-like face.

A Hergnome can be spotted in various cities throughout California and Mexico.
"why didn't you go to band, mi amor?" asked Mama Hergnome when she recieved a robo-call for her daughter Ivon.
by Pretty Precious Princess September 17, 2009
A call that someone's parents gets from their child's school saying that they have missed one or more classes.
"DAMN IT! Mama Hergnome intercepted my Robo-call, and now I can't go on any adventures to 7-11 during band until the situation cools off" said Ivon to the distraught Jeremy.
by Pretty Precious Princess September 17, 2009
A Pukey Princess is a person who is THOROUGHLY intoxicated and has been reduced to the classy state of being bent over the toilet bowl.

A Pukey Princess has usually had the experience of being drawn on/caution taped while passed out.

A Pukey Princess also tends to do INCREDIBLY entertaining antics while drunk. Ex. One-man Rave.
"Hey Pukey Princess, you're so classy" taunts Paige as PPP repsonds in her pukey fury with, "WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A BITCH, PAIGE?!!?"
by Pretty Precious Princess September 14, 2009

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