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Runescape is a MMORPG game made by the makers of Jagex. This game really is terrible and addictive.It laggs alot,to many scammers and hackers over this fucked up game. The game lacks of goodsporting,to many fatass 10-12 year olds who walk around saying "Ow3d jOO NeWb".Not to mention the censoring in this game is mad strict you can't even say "ass or damn" It consumes to much valuable time you won't get back. Everytime you look around in this bullshit game you see autoers or macroes. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! I played it for 2 year and I have finally stop it didn't ruin my life or anything cause I never let it affect me like that. Be smart don't do drugs. I.E. Runescape.
Kid:Wanna go to the movies and meet hot guys
Kid2: No sorry I'm playing Runescape and my bf is giving me a santa!!
Kid:Your such a fucking loser,bitch.
Kid2:I own you in wildy!
by Pretty Gurl October 12, 2007

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