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1. When you want to hollar at a guy / girl but not be too aggressive via text message.

2. A formal way of communicating via texting.
Let's say you meet a girl & get her number. You should probably send her a "Soft Text" before calling just to break the ice.

Or maybe you want to send a "Soft Text" to someone that your too shy to talk to
by Preston Walters July 27, 2009
A bottle of liquor in which you take with you to typically to events in which they usually dont sell liquor or in which the establishment may sell liquor but it's over priced.
Example 1.

Johnny says hey Jim lets go to the cubs game tonight.

Jim says to Johnny well I cant go because I dont have a lot of money.

Johnny says its ok lets just get pocket bottles.

Example 2.

Kim says to Johnny you want to go watch a movie?

Johnny says ok sure but let's get pocket bottles since they dont sell alcohol there.
by Preston Walters September 21, 2009
The art of always having the upper hand in a situation by having Karma on your side
1. Mike's good deed's paid off yesterday he won the lottery. Karmalocity strikes again.

2. Mike's Karmalocity hit last night when he won 4 free tickets to the next Bulls vs. Lakers game.

3. Thanks to Karmalocity when we arrived at the game the security guard didn't even care we had a Pocket Bottle
by Preston Walters May 08, 2010

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