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Nigga G. Ball refers to a famous historian's slave: His name was Patrick Smith. He had his slave do lots of work and as he studied more and more he toruted poor Nigga Ball more and more
So as an act for forgivemnt Mr. Smith freed Nigga Ball and he started to play basketball (for what it was back then) Throwing Rocks into a bucket from 50 feet away.. Today Niggers*cough* African Americans have got thier geans from this man who took up 'basketball' and then fucked lots and lots of other black prostittutes who even then were loud obnoxoius whores. But yeah 'Ball was later to be known as a lgend in Rock Throw.
Daymn, That Nigga G. Ball is Ballin' OUTRAGEOUS!
by Preetom :] August 12, 2006

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