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4 definitions by Pras Hoony

A character from the Swedish comic "Bamse". He's a turtle and smart.
Skalman gillar bamse
by Pras Hoony October 21, 2004
9 0
When someone is in the mood foor a prank.
Jason is very pranky today.
by Pras Hoony October 19, 2004
14 6
An native American story about a crane that didn't want to move south when winter came. All of his friends told him that he wouldn't make it in the cold but he just didn't listen. He died a few days after the snow started falling.
Crazy Crane, why can't you go south with us?
by Pras Hoony October 23, 2004
3 0
When you eat a cookie and then throw up.
Jason was making kake all over my floor after he ate that donut.
by Pras Hoony October 21, 2004
14 28