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A sudden and unsuspected proposition to either purchase direct-sale products or become a multi-level network marketing salesperson. It is usually perpetrated by a casual acquaintance under the pretense of an innocent social engagement, such as a coffee or a "party".
Joe: "Hey, weren't you meeting Chet for coffee today? How did that go?"

Frank: "It was an amwaybush. Classic execution. I didn't spot it until after I ordered. I should have suspected when he didn't seem to want anything when he called."

Joe: "Better you than me. Did you fold??"

Frank: "No, but, uh, better not answer any unknown numbers over the next couple of days."

Joe: "Bugger."
by Power Droid January 26, 2011
A hangover resulting from a night of non-excessive drinking.
Vic: "If I would have know I'd have an unearned hangover after only four gin and tonics I would have drank more."
by Power Droid August 06, 2010
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