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A mushroom that is in the genus of Psilocybe. These mushrooms are grown in cow and horse shit then are dried out to be eaten recreationally. Psilocybe mushrooms or shrooms create a high which FUCKS WITH YOUR MIND and creates hallucinations/visualizations. Psilocybe mushrooms are the natural equivalent of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (acid) but acid has more hallucinations and less of a mind fuck. The main psychoactive chemical of psilocybe mushrooms are Psilocybin which metabolizes to psilocin.

Myths: Shrooms make your brain bleed and the blood goes behind your eyes which makes you hallucinate <---- that's not true at all!
oh, man, i gotta go get some shrooms.
by Pouya Arshadi December 23, 2006
a gross deformation of the face, when during adolescense and puberty, the male develops very strawberry and crow-like face appearances. this is markedly more noticeable when large black head pimples appear all over the face. also causes a gross deformation of nose and skin colour.
ilan: "hey you look really ugly today"
crowberry: "ouch"
by pouya arshadi December 22, 2006
Cutters are mainly people who want to cut themselves for attention and some cut themselves for marking a certain day.
Some dude: Did you see that emo fag?
Me: yeah, man, that guy does everything for attention. tool."

Some dude: Did you know he cut himself because a lot of things went wrong for him that day?
Me: yeah. he's a cutters
by Pouya Arshadi December 12, 2006
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