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1 definition by PotatoHammock

Disco Biccies. Pingers. E. X. Rolls. Circles. XTC.
Methelene.Dioxy.Meth.Amphetamine. M.D.M.A.
Releases all the happy from your head in one big rush.
Makes you confused and sad in the morning (Scattered). This sad can be fixed if one takes a Prozac around 4 hours after you take your pinger.
Common at raves. Makes one feel elated, etc.
Statistics show one in three billion people are alleric to this drug.
It is illegal. It suppresses hunger for a long time.
Makes you give out hugs and other things, kisses, etc. Makes you very PLURry.
Ecstasy use (in the long term) has been related to depression and other such mental disorders.
If one takes a lot of ecstasy, one will build a tolerance to this drug (taking a lot of vitamins before one goes out will help keep your tolerance low).
Few people have died from it and you will certainly know if you are allergic.
One must drink water and keep hydrated if out at a Rave, etc. and have taken ecstasy. One should buy a bottle of water and refill it at intervals, drinking 600ml an hour if dancing vigourously and a bit if not dancing or moving much (smacking out).
There are a few effects of ecstasy you should look out for. It is not uncommon to feel slightly nauseous within the first hour of dumping (consuming), One may even vomit a once or twice. But only start worrying if you are vomiting consistantly and you feel horrible. This drug should not be doing that to you and you would be best off seeking medical assistance ASAP.
As in ASAP... Not when your friends tell you it will be okay dont worry.
Generally ecstasy is a fantastic drug, it produces feelings of extreme euphoria that cannot be found anywhere else.
Another fantastic drug is Acid. Only one person had died from it and that was through injecting the amount of 3000 tabs into himself. Acid is a very safe and very interesting drug. But I suggest you should have a little more experience with other drugs before you try Acid. Do not take Ice (shabs, crystal meth) or Heroin (smack)... These drugs are highly addictive and Ice is actually far more addictive than heroin. Dont even go there.

Anyway, Try EXTASY.
"I was, like, at the rave, like, and, like, I got, like a pill from this guy because i gave him head...It was a green one." - Example of filthy teenage rave scum girls.
"Oh man this E is totally goin off man, ESHAYS! Lets go STAUNCH c*nts with the asslays!" - Lads on ecstasy... It doesn't make them as elated as everyone else.
"This pinger is awesome. I'ma hug you." - Normal people on ecstasy.
by PotatoHammock September 04, 2006