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Life is either what you make of it or what you do not make of it. IF you're happy going thru life sad and that's your thing, OK...BUT there is a lot more out there if your attitude is that "the glass is half full" - be positive. Just cause bad stuff happened to you, don't internalize it to the point where you cannot see the good stuff all around you. Personally, I find most emo's a downer who work hard at exuding bad vibes.
emo - Trying to exude no perceptible positive emotion, trying to be sad, and internalizing their feelings. Spending time writing in a journal, creating poetry, etc. Not trying to make a contribution to the world, only themselves (ie: vanity and self-centered behavior). Ask a question - "Where does this get me...where does this help me grow as an individual?"
by Positive outlook guy July 21, 2009

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