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The broke guy w/ no $ who complains about everything being uncool and not worth his time instead of just admitting he has no $, hence, he is a broke bitch poutin'.

Disgruntled, he hates on everything he can't afford, which is everything, since he is realistically unemployed. He frequently rips on other women's appearances to bolster his shattered self esteem, as his broke self is relegated to zero to fat/ugly women himself.

Broke Bitch Poutin's frequently have hobbies which they call their profession (frequently the music industry: band, recording engineers, pretty much any kind of 'artist').
#1: Hey man, wanna go to the game Friday night, should be an awesome time.

Broke Bitch Poutin': I can watch the game on tv and drink beer at my house, why would I go to the game, the cheerleaders are fat and parking sucks.

#1: Oh that's right, you have no real job, well no need to be a Broke Bitch Poutin' about it.
by Poser Shot Caller November 29, 2010

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